Danny van Leeuwen

Sharing stories and thoughts about best health under our many hats.

My mission is to increase the sense of balance people, caregivers, and clinicians feel as they journey together towards best health. I am a student of both individual and organizational health as one often depends on the other. I believe that the experience of individual health is personal and unique encompassing spiritual, mental, and physical components in the context of relationships and the environment. The experience of organizational health similarly encompasses mission, leadership, and system components in the context of culture and community.

I am in awe of both the simplicity and complexity of attaining best health and delight in the discovery of those magic levers that impact best health.  Regularly adjusting the lens through which I view best health increases my likelihood of discovery. Consciousness of the many hats I wear in my health journey increases my ability to adjust the lens. My hats include ePatient, consumer, caregiver, nurse, leader, musician, minister, and family man. Please join me in discovery of the magic levers that impact best health.
About Danny

Danny van Leeuwen, Opa MPH RN CPHQ is an ePatient (Multiple Sclerosis), a caregiver, a nurse, and a leader.

  • A nationally recognized nurse leader with an MPH focused on Healthcare Administration from the University of Minnesota who makes a difference for patients and providers across the continuum of care. As Director, Quality Improvement for the Healthcare Association of New York State built a partnership with the Gallup Organization, worked with physician leaders to develop organizational report cards and clinical practice guidelines. As Director of Quality Management for Value Behavioral Health, built a collaborative approach to management of consumers with multiple comorbidities, helped win a $10 million, one million covered lives contract with NY State, initiated member and provider advisory councils, and participated in the merger creating ValueOptions.  At Bassett Healthcare, a rural health system, led an interdisciplinary team to enhance access, improved experience and reduced cycle time for a new breast care center. As Director at St. Peter’s Addiction Recovery Center, a provider of care and manager of behavioral health benefits, leveraged the collaboration to significantly improve outcomes, build a collaboration of community agencies to manage the care of the highest users of resources, and led the implementation of an integrated clinical and business software product for the provider and managed care functions. At St. Peter’s Healthcare System led the implementation of an electronic health record. As lead of Patient/Family Experience at Boston Children’s Hospital formed teams to improve overall appointment and information access, build a more welcoming environment, and create an Autism Friendly Hospital.  As Vice President, Quality Management, at Advocates, Inc. developed systems to meet standards and commitments at all times, improve outcomes, and design an EHR system to meet strategic needs. As independent consultant (Health Hats) designed virtual immersive learning and development environment (simulation) tools to improve behavior, relationships, decision-making and experience for both clinicians and patients (and their caregivers). Advisor for patient-centered Shark Tanks.
  • Managing complex projects including EHR implementation, patient/family experience initiatives, outcomes management, consumer experience, and breast cancer center.
  • Nationally recognized with published research in the Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Safety, an editor of the Journal for Health Care Quality for 15 years;
  • Advocating for using technology to support consumer empowerment sitting on Health Information Systems Society Connected Patient Committee, then Quality, Cost, and Safety; a Reviewer for the Patient-Centered Outcome Institute (PCORI) and co-chair of the Communication and Dissemination Advisory Council; member of the Society for Participatory Medicine, ONC’s Automate Blue Button Initiative (ABBI), and the OpenID HEART initiative.
  • Writes articles and blogs about health, leadership, and patient and caregiver experience
  • Certified Catholic Health East Project Management Center of Excellence
  • Certified Professional in Health Care Quality (CPHQ)

As a change catalyst Danny specializes in guiding complex projects to completion using his broad experience and skills: performance improvement, operations work flow, networking and collaboration, information systems and mobile health, meaningful use,  data analysis, and health care policy. He has attained national recognition for his published works in the Joint Commission Journal on Quality Safety and the Journal for Healthcare Quality, where he was an editor for 15 years. Danny and his wife of 40 years built their own house and home schooled their children. Danny plays baritone saxophone and loves jazz and blues.


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  1. Great blog with an important, universal message told through your story. Love it, Danny! Congratulations. Suggestion: get on as many social media platforms as you can to spread the good word ;post ways you can be reached on the landing page i,e. twitter handle, Google+ , Facebook user names so people can easily find you and your pearls can be shared. Good luck and welcome to the blogging world!

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